Don’t Get the Boot! New Parking Enforcement Guidelines for Fall

With an increasing number of violators choosing to ignore their fines, Eastern Washington University Parking and Transportation Services this fall will implement an immobilization program for unpaid citations.

Following guidelines outlined in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC), parking staff will be allowed to place a wheel lock on vehicles which show a series of four unresolved citations or $100 in unpaid fines. Violators will eventually be towed if they don’t resolve their outstanding fines and fees.

“We have a substantial number of offenders who are parking in lots where permits are required and some are blocking/parking in service drives and, once cited, just aren’t paying their fines,” said Michelle Rasmussen, EWU’s director of parking and transportation services. “The university feels it’s time to strengthen our enforcement program.”

The immobilization and towing guidelines will come with additional costs to violators. The owner/driver of a vehicle will have to pay $45 to have the wheel lock removed in addition to paying all parking fines and late fees. If issues aren’t resolved within three business days, vehicles will then be towed with additional towing and storage fees owed to the towing company.

Drivers wishing to have the wheel lock released should first report to the Parking and Transportation office in Tawanka Hall, 101, between 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. on business days. The EWU Police Department will be the point of contact after hours at 509.359.7676. In either situation, an offender must first either pay all fines or authorize that all fines and fees be charged to their student billing account.

For complete details about the new immobilization and towing procedures, please visit

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