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Are you a Quarter student?

Quarter terms occur four times a year with each season: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer sessions, lasting about 10 weeks on average. At EWU, all students are on the quarter schedule unless they are enrolled in a specified semester or Online Accelerated program.


Are you a Semester student?

Semester terms occur three times a year: Fall, Spring, and Summer, each lasting about 16 weeks on average. Semester terms normally start earlier in the academic year around August, and end earlier around May. Students are only on the semester schedule if they are enrolled in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Dental Hygiene, Health Science, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, or Nursing programs (pre-major programs are typically on quarter terms).


are you an Online Accelerated STudent?

Online Accelerated terms are completely online, allowing students to complete classes from around the world. Students are only on the online accelerated schedule if they applied specifically for this curriculum under either an education, business, health care, or certificate program. Online classes within the quarter and semester systems are NOT the same as Online Accelerated programs.

*To view dates and events prior to Fall 2022, visit the Archived Academic Calendar

Using the Academic Calendar

Selecting Your Terms and Categories:

Students should double check they are viewing the correct calendar for their schedule when searching dates and subscribing. There are three calendar tab views to choose from in the top left-hand corner: Table, List, and Month. Each calendar has a selection of filters and a search bar to aid in finding dates and events. It also allows selecting and de-selecting specific categories, or selecting “All’ or “None” below the category filters to quickly narrow down date and event types.

Accessing Event Details:

To learn more about an event, simply click on the red highlighted title, and it will open up with more information depending upon the event type and category. You may also select events individually to add to your calendar this way as well.

Adding Academic Calendar Events to Your School Calendar:
  1. Select “Subscribe” in the top right of the calendar box next to the print icon. Be sure to have the categories you want to import selected with a checkmark, or keep them all selected if you would like every event date.
  2. The calendar will prompt you to choose how you would like to subscribe. You MUST sign in first with your Microsoft 365 account with your Net ID and password BEFORE subscribing. Click the Microsoft Icon at the top of the pop-up screen to sign in.
  3. Once you have signed in, select the “iCalendar Subscribe” option, as this will update your calendar when events are added or dates changed.
  4. Click “Subscribe” in the bottom left once your choice has been selected. You should now have a separate calendar in your Microsoft 365 Outlook account with your selected categories’ updated events and dates.

You can also add the EWU Academic Calendar to your personal calendar, or add individual hand-chosen events by checking the boxes on the left hand side of the event(s) and selecting the “Add to My Calendar” button at the top.

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