Degree Works

Degree Works is the degree auditing tool that enables students and advisors to match the right degree and program of study with the student’s career and life goals.

.cls-1{fill:#333;}veteransWhat can degree works do?

Degree auditing enables students and advisors to match the right degree and program of study with the student’s career and life goals. It allows easy access to a student’s academic path, helping to understand degree requirements and the next steps towards graduation.

.st0{fill:#333333;} magnifying-glass What is a degree Works plan?

These plans are a module within your Degree Works Degree Audit and they allow you to create long-term plans based on what you still have to complete for your major and general education courses.

.st0{fill:#333333;} calendar Questions?

Your Academic Advisor can help you with your degree audit, and you can view our information and FAQ below!

Degree Audit

When you review your degree audit you should see:

  • Student Information including preferred name, total credits earned, GPA, and any registration holds that may be on your record.
  • Degree block, which lists the different parts of your degree; general education, graduation, and major requirements.
  • University Competencies and Proficiencies, Breadth Area Core Requirements, and Graduation Requirements if they are required of you.
  • Major/program requirements.

If you are concerned that your degree requirements are not showing correctly please contact your academic advisor.


  • Your general education and university graduation requirements are determined by the Catalog year that you started EWU.
  • Your major, minor or certificate requirements are determined by the Catalog year that you declared your major.

If you have further questions about progress in your degree, please contact your academic advisor.

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Degree Works FAQ

What is a degree audit?

A degree audit is an online advising tool that allows you to view degree and certificate requirements and track your completed coursework towards completion of a chosen degree, major, or certificate.

Will I be able to use the degree audit if I am enrolled in a graduate program?

Yes, that is an exciting benefit of this audit tool. All levels of programs can use this tool.

What if I have not decided on my major, will the degree audit work for me?

Yes, students can run a What-If audit to see how their courses and credits would be applied to a degree, major, certificate, or minor of their interest. Also, general education and graduation requirements can be viewed.

How do I access my Degree Works Plan?

In order to access Degree Works Plans, you will need to log into Degree Works. You will want to become familiar with your Degree Works Plan.

View our recorded degree audit Zoom demonstration!

Benefits of Degree Works:

  • Monitor degree, certificate, or minor progress online
  • Direct access hyperlinks to program requirements and catalog information
  • Ability to run what-if scenarios for degree options
  • View individual course grades as well as cumulative grade point average (GPA)
  • Available to students, advisors, and faculty to monitor student progress to graduation
  • Available for undergraduate and graduate level degree audits