Priority Registration

Priority registration is a time scheduled for current and continuing EWU students to register for the next term. Students’ registration day is based on your total number of earned credits.

Registration is open from the beginning of students’ registration day until the third day of the term.

Priority Registration Days


  • Freshman, new, and former returning students MUST meet with an advisor before registering.
  • Transfer students (including all running start students) must register as a new student during General Registration for their first term. Following registration terms for transfer students will be based on total earned credits.
  • Registration takes place the term before the term you are registering for.
  • Priority Registration includes Quarter, Semester, and Online Accelerated students.

As part of admissions and onboarding to EWU, students are required to submit official final transcripts. Prior to registration, students should perform an audit on Degree Works to verify any approved credits including AP, Running Start, and Transfer courses have been applied.

For registration term-specific dates, please view the Academic Calendar.

Online Registration starts at 7 A.M.

Priority Registration for Special Populations*1st day of 7th week
Priority Registration for 180+ Earned Credits1st business day after Special Population Registration
Priority Registration for 150-179 Earned Credits2nd business day
Priority Registration for 120-149 Earned Credits3rd business day
Priority Registration for 90-119 Earned Credits4th business day
Priority Registration for 60-89 Earned Credits5th business day
Priority Registration for 30-59 Earned Credits6th business day
Priority Registration for 0-29 Earned Credits7th business day
General Registration Begins**8th business day
Registration Begins EWU Employee Tuition Waivers1 week before term starts
Registration Begins Washington State Employee Tuition Waivers1st day of term

*Includes Graduate Students, Post Bac., Veterans, Online Accelerated, and Special Populations

**For first term new, transfer, or returning students, regardless of credits

Earned Credits

Earned credits are credits that are completed with grades officially posted. These do not include currently enrolled courses and credits. To find earned credits, students may use both EagleNET or Degree Works.

On EagleNET:

  1. Go to EagleNET.
  2. Click on the “Student Tab” and then the “Student Profile” tile.
  3. Your earned credits will be listed in the upper right under “Overall Hours.” 
  4. You may also find your credit amount on your “Unofficial Transcript.”

On Degree Works:

  1. Sign-in to Degree Works.
  2. Your earned credits sit inside the “Audits” header block at the top of the screen, as the right-hand number after “Overall Earned Credits.”
  3. If your latest audit is not recent, you may click the “Process” button on the right side of the second block to get your current accurate number of earned credits.

Students should meet with either a CAAR Advisor if undeclared or their declared major’s Advisor. Academic Advisors can help choose classes, ensure what prerequisite classes students should take, and track their academic process and credits.

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