Calculate your GPA, learn how to make the Dean’s List, file grade appeals, and other grade information for students.

Term grades are posted on the student record the Wednesday after end of term. Please see the academic calendar for dates.

Grade Information

Letter Grades and Numerical Equivalents

A (4.0)A- (3.7)B+ (3.3)B (3.0)B- (2.7)C+ (2.3)
C (2.0)C- (1.7)D+ (1.3)D (1.0)D- (0.7)F (0.0)

*Numerical Equivalents are used for determining prerequisite grade achievement and cumulative GPA calculation

Students can view grades on EagleNET under grades and transcripts. Learn more about transcripts on our Transcripts Page.

Grade Symbols

N (Academic Integrity) temporary grade; pending academic integrity case

NC (No credit) no credit granted, no grade points assigned

P (Passing) credit granted, but no grade point assigned

W (Withdrawal) withdrawal from a course or the University*

X (Incomplete) temporary grade; special circumstances prevent the student from completing the course

XC (Incomplete) temporary grade; special circumstances prevent the student from completing the course

Y–(Deferred) deferred grade for courses taking longer than a year to complete, such as thesis, research projects, and some internships

*For more information on withdrawal deadlines, visit the Academic Calendar

Pre 1977 Letter Grades at EWU
1977– 2018 Numerical Grades at EWU

Pass/No Credit Grades

Undergraduate students may elect to take certain courses on a pass/no credit basis.
Grade option changes are accepted through Friday of the 7th week of the term.

When a course is taken under the pass/no credit option, a “P” grade will be assigned if the student earns a letter grade ≥C.

The following may not be taken pass/no credit:

  • major and minor requirements
  • required major supporting courses
  • professional education requirements
  • Breadth Area Core Requirements (BACRs)

If you have indicated the P/NC option on a course in an area listed above, the P/NC option will be reversed and the letter grade submitted by the instructor will be posted to the transcript.

Note: 500- 600-level courses may not be taken for the P/NC option.

Repeating Courses

If a course is repeated, the credit is awarded on the transcript for the last grade received.

Transfer credit is not included in the Eastern Washington University GPA.

Please refer to AP 303-30 (Chapter 3) for additional information on repeating courses.

Course Numbering System

Lower Division

  • 100-199 primarily for freshman; may not be taken for graduate credit
  • 200-299 primarily for sophomores; may not be taken for graduate credit

Upper Division

  • 300-399 primarily for juniors and seniors
  • 400-499 primarily for seniors; graduate students may count a limited number of credits


  • 500-599 graduate-level; undergraduate/post-baccalaureate may enroll only with special permission from the Graduate Programs Office
  • 600-699 graduate-level only

GPA and Earned Hours

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The GPA is computed by dividing the total number of quality points (QPTS) by the total number of GPA hours.

The hours for courses with blank grades or with grades of X, Y, P, NC and W are not included in the quality hours or quality points. However, X grades that are not completed in the time limit set by the instructor, are converted to a predetermined grade. If the grade is numeric, it is then calculated into the GPA.

Prior to fall quarter 1985, X grades were not automatically converted to a standard grade; grade change forms are needed to update X grades posted prior to fall quarter 1985.

How to Calculate GPA

How to Calculate GPA

  1. Convert letter grades to numeric grades using the conversion chart below.
  2. Multiply the numerical grades by the number of credits for each course.
  3. Total the columns.
  4. Divide quality points by credit hours.
A = 4.0A- = 3.7B+ = 3.3B = 3.0B- = 2.7C+ = 2.3
C = 2.0C- = 1.7D+ = 1.3D = 1.0D- = 0.7F = 0.0

Sample GPA Calculation

Grade     Credit Hours     Quality Points

2.7      x          5          =        13.5
4.0      x          1          =          4.0
0.0      x          2          =          0.0
3.3      x          5          =        16.5
1.7      x          5          =          8.5

42.5 QPTS ÷ 18 CRHS = GPA 2.36

Note: Pass/No Credit grades are not computed in the grade point average. Add the total number of numerically graded credits.

Note: If you received a 0.0 in the course you must still figure in the number of credits even though there were no QPTS. This will give you the total quality hours (CHRS).

To figure cumulative GPA: total CHRS and QPTS for each term then divide QPTS by CHRS.

Dean’s List Eligibility

An undergraduate or post-baccalaureate student who completes at least 12 graded credits in a given term with a GPA of ≥3.5 or higher is placed on the Dean’s Honor List for academic excellence for the term.

  • If the student has placed a directory restriction on their records, their name will not be released for publication.

Grade Appeals

An intent to appeal a grade must be filed within 10 working days after instruction begins for the next regular quarter. For the purposes of the grade appeal process, summer is not counted as a regular quarter. Spring term grade appeals must be filed within 10 working days after instruction begins for the Fall term.

Please read the entire Grade Appeal Policy before proceeding any further. Copies may also be obtained from department offices and Records and Registration.

Forms required for the grade appeal process:

Academic Forgiveness Policy and Petition

Undergraduate students may make a one-time petition on the Academic Forgiveness Petition Form to have up to two consecutive quarters removed from the calculation of their credits and GPA. The course work must have been completed at least five years prior to this petition. Policy 303-21, 6-3.

The Academic Forgiveness Petition Form must be submitted to

  • Forgiven courses cannot be used to satisfy any academic requirement.
  • Academic forgiveness may be recommended on a case-by-case basis during advising.
  • To be eligible for academic forgiveness, a student must have completed 24 consecutive credits at Eastern, maintained a GPA of 2.5 or higher, and have declared a major.
  • Academic forgiveness may not be revoked.
  • Federal regulations do not allow for the consideration of academic forgiveness in the financial aid satisfactory academic progress calculations. Courses for which you receive academic forgiveness are counted as attempted and earned, and are included in the GPA calculation for financial aid purposes. If you are receiving financial aid or expect to receive it in the future, you should consult with the Financial Aid Office prior to seeking academic forgiveness.