Graduation Information

Undergraduate and post-bac students must apply for graduation. Undergraduate graduation application deadlines are published on the EWU Academic Calendar.

For detailed instructions and steps on the graduation process, and to ensure you are ready to start your graduation application, please visit our new Steps to Graduate page!

Graduation Application Instructions

Before you apply, be sure to:

  • Confirm your earned credits and major through Degree Works.
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor.
  • Visit our Steps to Graduate Page for a step-by-step guide on applying to graduate!

How to apply to graduate:

  1. Apply on EagleNET.
  2. Select “Student Records” and click “Apply to Graduate”.
  3. Read and follow all instructions.
  4. The first page (“Curricula Selection) will ask you to select a term and your most recent programs.
  5. The second page will ask you to select your Graduation Date. (This is the date that will be printed as your degree award date on your transcript and on your diploma.)
  6. The graduation fee will be charged to your student account.
  7. Once submitted, be sure to check your Degree Works audit and contact your faculty for additional questions.
  8. Check the Academic Calendar for deadlines.

If you need to change your Graduation Date, please complete a Request to Move My Graduation.

Note: there are two important catalog years in your academic career⁠—check the Catalog Archives

  • The catalog in effect at the first term of the student’s correct matriculation is used to determine Breadth Area Core Requirements (BACR) and undergraduate graduation requirements (UGR).
  • The catalog in effect at the time the student declares a major or minor is used to determine the program requirements.


The fee for the undergraduate graduation application is $53.
If you miss the deadline the late fee is $69 and you will need to contact to see if you qualify to adjust your graduation date.

  • To make a payment go to Student Financial Services.
  • If you do not graduate the quarter you applied for, a graduation re-activation fee will be charged.
  • Official diplomas will not be released until all financial obligations to EWU are cleared.

Graduation Honors

Honors are calculated only on college-level credits earned at this institution.

Graduating seniors with a GPA between:
3.9 and 4.0 = Summa cum laude
3.7 and 3.89 = Magna cum laude
3.5 and 3.69 = Cum laude

Diploma Reorder

EWU partners with Michael Sutter Company for diploma printing and reordering.

  • To request a replacement printed or e-diploma, please go to
  • You will need your EWU ID number and the Secure ID that was provided to you when you graduated. If you do not know your Secure ID, you will be able to request one at
  • The reprinted replacement diploma fee is $35.

E-diplomas are electronic PDF diplomas that have Adobe blue-ribbon security and can be forwarded to provide degree verification.

Academic Appeal Instructions

If you feel that any of our academic regulations regarding general graduation/education requirements have been applied to you unfairly or erroneously, or that unusual circumstances necessitate individual interpretation of the regulations, you may make petition to the Academic Appeals Board. The Board does not consider cases that apply to majors, minors, grade appeals or professional education requirements.

The Academic Appeals Board considers requests for exceptions relevant to:

  • the General University/Education Requirements to include competencies/proficiencies/University Graduation Requirements
  • the 60 upper division credit requirement
  • the 45 credit residence requirement
  • the 15 upper division residence credits in major requirement
  • foreign language requirement

Any student may apply to the Board for special consideration if the student believes that rules pertaining to these requirements have been applied erroneously or unusual circumstances necessitate individual interpretation of the requirement.

The Board does not consider cases which apply to majors or minors, grade appeals, or cases which involve professional certification. Students with such problems should discuss them with the appropriate department chair.


  1. Must be in letter form, addressed to the Academic Appeals Board.
  2. Must clearly state your request in the first paragraph.
  3. Must document in remaining paragraphs any pertinent reasons/circumstances why an exception is warranted. If an error was made by an advisor, you must provide a memo from that person or dept. chair to support your appeal.
  4. Please include all documentation regarding course descriptions, syllabi, letters of support from an appropriate department chair, outside professionals, or anything  else you feel may be helpful.
  5. Please include your EWU ID number and return address in your letter.
  6. Please email your appeal and supporting documents to

Submission of an appeal should be made sufficiently in advance of graduation so that the student’s program may be planned according to the decision of the Board.

If your appeal is denied the first time, you may make an appointment with the Board to further discuss your case in person.

The AAB usually meets every other week during regular quarters.

Active Catalog Rule

Active Catalog Rule Chapter 4–8

The catalog in effect at the time the student is first admitted will be used to determine the breadth area credit requirements (BACR).

The catalog in effect at the time the student declares a major or minor will be used to determine the program requirements.

  • This catalog may only be changed to a newer catalog with the approval of the department chair or program director by resubmitting the major declaration form.
  • In no case can the catalog used for the major or the minor be more than six years old.
  • A student whose major or minor catalog has expired will be required to submit a new major declaration form; the major and minor will be updated to the catalog in effect at the time of the resubmission.

Second Degree Policy

Second Degree Policy  Chapter 4–7

1. Students may be awarded more than one undergraduate degree at Eastern Washington University.

  • In all cases at least 225 credits are required to earn a second degree. Each subsequent degree requires an additional 45 credits.
  • At least 45 credits that are different from those that are included in the first degree and are part of an approved program are required to earn two degrees.
  • If fewer than 225 credits are completed, a second major rather than a second degree will be recorded on the university transcript, provided that the credits earned comply with program requirements for that major.
  • The student must have the approval of each department chair or program director confirming that all degree requirements have been satisfied.
  • If students complete more than one undergraduate degree concurrently, a minor is not required to accompany a major of less than 60 credits.

2. Transfer post-baccalaureate students can receive a bachelor’s degree from EWU that is of the same type (BA, BS, BAE, etc.) as awarded at the transfer institution, provided EWU’s major requirements are completed. The major/minor area of emphasis must be different from that awarded at the transfer institution. General education and graduation requirements are waived for a student possessing a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution who wishes to obtain an additional undergraduate degree from Eastern.

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Second Major Policy

Students may be awarded more than one major of the same degree type (BA, BS, BAB, BAE, BM and BFA).

At least 30 credits in any major must be different from those in any other major.