Guidelines for Curricular Change

This site provides faculty wishing to submit materials for inclusion in the Catalog an understanding of what CPACs look for during their assessment. It also provides references for CPAC members in performing their role on their committee.


Learn how to edit or remove an existing course or propose a new course.

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Workflow & Timeline

All course and program proposals follow a specific workflow and timeline.
The submitter is responsible for making sure each step in the workflow is complete on time. 22-23 Faculty Org Meetings 22-23 Curriculum Cycle for 23-24 21-22 Graduate Curriculum Cycle for 22-23 Login to Approval Queues See Full Workflow 2021-22 Catalog

Councils & Committees

Undergraduate Affairs Council (UAC) Expand

Undergraduate Affairs Council

The Undergraduate Affairs Council’s (UAC) function is to advise on matters involving the undergraduate programs of the university including, but not limited to, curriculum, admissions, program development and approval, course approval, follow-up, degree requirements, honors, advanced placement, academic standards, academic counseling, extension and correspondence, and academic support.

Graduate Affairs Council (GAC) Expand

Graduate Affairs Council

The Graduate Affairs Council (GAC) is a council of the faculty organization with the responsibility of ensuring the academic rigor of graduate education at Eastern Washington University. In this role, the council will review and advise programs and departments related to courses and programs of study and participate in the electronic catalog development through the course and program approval process (CPAC). In addition, GAC will develop policy to guide graduate education in conjunction with the academic senate through the policy development and review committee (PDRC).

Course and Program Approval Committees (CPAC) Expand

Course and Program Approval Committees

Course and Program Approval Committees (CPAC) review new courses, majors and programs and proposed changes (including removal) to existing courses, majors and programs and make recommendations to the relevant committee for approval or non-approval. There are one or more CPACs that report to each of the following: the Undergraduate Affairs Council (for undergraduate courses and programs), the Graduate Affairs Council (for graduate courses and programs), and the General Education Council (for general education courses and sequences).

Undergraduate CPAC Consent Agenda Criteria

A representative from Academic Affairs and Records and Registration and the Co-Chairs of UG-CPAC will meet and review the CPAC proposals to determine which proposals will move forward for full UG-CPAC review or approved by consent of these members.

All consent items are reviewed by UAC.

22-23 Faculty Org Meetings and Approval Timelines Expand

Faculty Org Meeting Schedule

22-23 Curricular Change cycle Expand

22-23 CUR Change Cycle

21-22 Graduate CUR Change Cycle

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