New Program

All program information in the EWU Catalog is developed from the Course/Program Information Management system (CIM/PIM). CIM/PIM are used to make changes or additions to course or program catalog information.

CPAC and UAC/GAC follow AP Policy 303-35 regarding new programs and program changes.

Preparing a Proposal

All programs are proposed, edited, or banked through Program Inventory Management (PIM). Login is required with an EWU SSO.

Prior to inputting a PIM submission, review the information expected for each form field and prepare any additional materials that may be needed.

Consult the College Finance Officer before submitting a new program proposal.

All new programs must go through the CPAC approval process.

Proposing a New Program

When proposing a new program, review the CIP Codes and Learning Outcomes resources.

  1. Click Propose New Program. A New Program Proposal form will open in a new window.
  2. Complete all areas where the boxes are outlined in red. Review the Information Bubble located next to the form item for additional information. Review the Create the Program Requirement Course List information on this page to create the curriculum.
  3. A Plan of Study is required for all new programs. Submit a ticket to request the template.
  4. Attach the completed Plan of Study and any additional supporting documents as companion documents to the proposal.
  5. You have three options for saving changes:
    • Save & Submit – saves the changes and submits the proposal for review, starting the workflow.
    • Save Changes – saves the changes without submitting.
    • Cancel – discards the changes.

Create the Program Requirements Course List

  1. Create the Program Requirements Course List by selecting the Insert/Edited Format Table tool, select Course List, and click OK.
  2. An inventory of courses becomes available, select and add courses to the course list using the >>. Also, courses may added with the Quick Add section found under the course list. Only the 3-4-digit subject code and course number need to be added, the course description will populate for established courses, and new courses will populate after they have been approved through the workflow.
  3. To add text instead of a course, select the Add Comment Entry, enter the text, and select OK. If edits are required after selecting OK, they can be completed in the Comment section.
  4. Click the Sum Hours box at the top of the form to total all course credits. Courses that are indented are not counted in the credit total.
  5. Additional edits can be made to the program requirements by double-clicking the blue-outlined Course List.

After Submission

Each approver in the workflow is notified that a task in PIM is waiting for their review. It is the responsibility of the submitter to follow the proposal and ensure that the proposal progresses through the approval workflow in the established timeline.

Adding Courses

If new courses are required for the program they should be created before the new program proposal.

Review New Course to create a new course.


If modification is needed during the approval process, this can be handled by one of the following methods.


  • The proposal needs significant changes.
  • The person reviewing sends the document back to the initiator for changes and communicates with the initiator to clarify what changes are required. The proposal then moves forward following the full workflow approval process. It is the initiator’s responsibility to monitor and encourage the progress through the approval workflow steps.

Replacing Programs

If the new program is intended to replace an existing program, contact Academic Planning or Graduate Programs to determine when it is appropriate to deactivate the old program.

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