New Course

CPAC and UAC/GAC follow Policy 303-35 regarding new courses and course changes.

All course information in the Catalog is developed from the Course/Program Information Management system (CIM/PIM). When making any changes or additions to course or program catalog information, you will need to use CIM/PIM. Changes that require review from CPAC are also made within CIM/PIM.

Preparing a Proposal

All courses are proposed, edited or banked through Course Inventory Management. You can login with your EWU SSO.


The submitter is expected to provide a justification for the new course. In preparing this, consider the following questions:

  • Is this course part of an existing or proposed program?
  • Is this course an elective?
  • If so, is it for more than one program?
  • Was this course an experimental course for 3 terms?

Form Expectations

Prior to inputting a CIM course submission, familiarize yourself with the information expected for each form field and prepare any additional materials that might be needed.

Proposing a new course

When proposing a new course, please review the Prerequisite Recommendations, Modes of Instruction, and Course Description resources to help guide you.

  1. Click Propose New Course. A New Course Proposal form will open in a new window.
  2. Complete all areas where the boxes are outlined in red.
  3. You have three options for saving changes:
    • Save & Submit – saves your changes and submits the proposal for review, starting the workflow.
    • Save Changes – saves your changes without submitting.
    • Cancel – discards your changes.

After submission

An email is sent to notify each person in the workflow that a task in CIM is waiting their review. As only one email is sent, it is the responsibility of the submitter to follow the proposal and make sure each step in the workflow is complete on time.

All departments and programs that are affected by the proposal are included in the CIM approval process. The CIM system flags any additional approvals needed and notifies departments impacted by the proposed change.


If modification is needed during the approval process, this can be handled by one of the following methods:

  • The proposal needs significant changes.
  • The person reviewing sends the document back to the initiator for changes and communicates with the initiator to clarify what changes are required. The proposal then moves forward following the full workflow approval process. It is the initiator’s responsibility to monitor and encourage the movement through the workflow steps.

Graduate course modifications

For graduate courses, you must respond to CPAC questions within two weeks or else the proposal will rollback to the start of the workflow.

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