Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) is a generic term that refers to what students should know or be able to do upon the successful completion of:

  • A course, also known as Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)
  • A major, also known as Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Best Practice

Course and program submissions are required to include Course Learning Outcomes or Program Learning Outcomes. Learning Outcomes are managed by faculty field experts, centrally housed in Assessment and Accreditation, and included on a program’s catalog page.

Learning Outcome Formatting

All CIM or PIM submissions require learning outcomes. Learning outcomes included in the submission do not need an introduction or header, only a bullet point list is required. Review Assessment Resources for detailed information on creating CLOs and PLOs.

Learning outcomes that are from outside accreditation should have a note of which agency the accreditation is from. This will ensure that the accreditation formatting will follow through and will be noted in the catalog.

When entering the Learning Outcomes into the CIM or PIM form it is best practice to remove any formatting that may have been used to create the CLOs or PLOs and use the formatting tools available on the form.

Learning Outcomes do not need to be numbered when entered into the proposal form.

Learning Outcomes on program proposals approved through the workflow will be included on the program page in the catalog.

New Programs

New programs are required to include PLOs which will be added to the catalog and integrated into the assessment software, Nuventive, when the new program has completed the approval workflow. Review Assessment Resources for detailed information on creating PLOs.

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