Edit Catalog

All changes to the catalog narrative are done through the draft edition of the catalog. You can login with your EWU SSO.

Reasons to edit

You must edit the catalog narrative if there is a:

  • Change in faculty or chair
  • Program description change (major or minor)
  • Teaching calendar addition/removal
  • Punctuation or spelling correction
  • Change in pre-professional information

The narrative portion of a department or program page is for explanations not related to specific curriculum. The department chair is assigned to their department pages and may request additional authorizations.

Editing the catalog

After you log in, you will be directed to the draft edition of the catalog. Here you can edit your catalog narrative.

  1. In the draft edition of the catalog, navigate to your assigned pages.
  2. Click the Edit Page tab in the top left corner.
  3. In the body of the page an edit page link will display a yellow pencil icon. Click this link to open the editing environment.
  4. Begin editing. The tools work like a standard word processor.
  5. When finished, click Ok to save or Cancel to discard changes. You may return as needed for additional edits.
  6. When the publication deadline approaches the pages must be submitted.
  7. Click the green Submit button in the lower right hand corner of each page to start the publishing workflow.

After submission

Narrative portions go through a review process before publishing to maintain a consistent catalog style. Note: curriculum residing on the page needs faculty committee approval. 

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