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Duo Two Factor Authentication is currently for available to all Eastern Washington University employees.


Two-factor authentication through Duo will not only help secure the campus network, it will also ensure only authorized users can access critical information, such as paychecks and your sensitive information. In addition to easy enrollment on a device you already have, Duo’s secure cloud-based environment meets all federal and industry compliance regulations as well.


Register for the EWU Two Factor Authentication service. We recommend registering more than one device so you have a back-up if your device is lost, stolen, broken or otherwise unavailable.

Register for Two Factor Authentication
Manage Devices


There are several methods that can be used, including a mobile device app, SMS text message, and voice phone call options. While using a mobile device is most convenient option and the one that most users prefer, IT staff may request a hardware token instead. Replacements for lost or stolen tokens will be charged to the user’s department.

Yes, you can. If you do not want to download and use the Duo mobile app, you can specify this during the device enrollment process. You must choose “other” when selecting the smartphone’s operation system.

After reinstalling the Duo Mobile app, you can re-activate your account using the Manage Devices site. There, you can select the “Manage Devices” option and follow the prompts. The Duo Mobile app also now has a restore option, learn more about using it here.

Yes. If you are using a smartphone, you can simply use the Duo mobile app to generate a passcode each time authentication is required. Data service is not needed to generate passcodes through the Duo Mobile app. If you have a token, just bring it along with you while traveling. If you are not able to use your mobile device while traveling and don’t have a token, other options are available. To review your options, please contact the IT Help Desk.

A variety of tokens are shown here:

duo keys