Degree Audit Update

We have transitioned to a new degree audit tool called Degree Works. Because of this transition, SOAR is no longer available. 

Degree Works

When you review your new Degree Works degree audit you should see:

  • Student Information including preferred name, total credits earned, GPA, and any registration holds that may be on your record.
  • Degree block, which lists the different parts of your degree; general education, graduation, and major requirements.
  • University Competencies and Proficiencies, Breadth Area Core Requirements, and Graduation Requirements if they are required of you.
  • Major/program requirements.

These audit blocks are based on the 2021-2022 catalog. If you are concerned that your degree requirements are not showing correctly please contact your academic advisor.

For a tutorial video on how to read your audit go to the Degree Works web page.


  • Your general education and university graduation requirements are determined by the Catalog year that you started EWU.
  • Your major, minor or certificate requirements are determined by the Catalog year that you declared your major.

If you have further questions about progress in your degree, please contact your academic advisor.

Spring 2022 Graduates– Your degrees are currently being reviewed for degree completion – our graduation processing team is utilizing the retired SOAR system for the checkout process. If you have concerns about the change to the new degree audit and how you view your credits and courses please contact your advisor ASAP. If we found anything that may hinder your degree from being awarded, we sent an email notification via your email address.

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