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PLUS services are FREE to all enrolled EWU students.

PLUS peer-assisted leaders (PALs), tutors, and coaches are here to help you succeed in your courses.

Your peers are ready to assist you today!

"PLUS is awesome! ... Everyone at PLUS (tutors, desk workers, management, and everyone in between) has been wonderful and very approachable...This is a wonderful program that I intend to use until my time at Eastern is over."

Virtual Reality Tutoring 

We are thrilled to announce we will soon introduce virtual reality to tutoring sessions in select courses! Students will be able to in-person at the JFK library or remotely through virtual reality headsets. The metaverse allows for unique opportunities for active, engaged learning through 3D molecule building, anatomy modeling, and more! Contact our team for more details!

Study Groups/SI

Collaborative learning sessions are led by a peer-assisted leader (PAL) who fosters interactive academic discussions between students.


In-person tutoring is offered in small groups to enhance classroom learning, persistence, knowledge acquisition.

Online Tutoring

Currently enrolled EWU students can access Online Tutoring from anywhere.  Students can chat with a tutor or submit questions.

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching sessions help students achieve their academic goals within and beyond the classroom.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of university student
scholarship and support the achievement of students' academic and
career goals through peer-based collaborative study groups, tutoring,
 coaching, and student success programming. 

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