Work for PLUS

To find our positions on Handshake, please log in with your Handshake profile (you will need to create one), then go to “Jobs” and search for “PLUS”.

We also ask that you apply internally for PLUS so we can identify your areas of strength as well as request a faculty recommendation (if applicable).

You may view our current openings on handshake, EWU’s student employment platform (not posted at this time). We accept work-study and non-work study applicants.  Please follow the directions there for application requirements, including uploading your resume and unofficial transcript. Then, fill out our PLUS application form online. Remember, you will also need a faculty member to fill out a recommendation for you by providing their name and email address in the PLUS application form.

Are you work-study eligible?  Find out more about this great opportunity here:  If you complete a FAFSA application each year be sure to check the box that you are interested in work-study. When you receive your financial aid package it will state whether or not you are eligible for work-study. It is up to you to fill out the work-study application form. Monetary awards should be distributed each year around September 19th.

Need help using Handshake? Here are two helpful videos from the Student Employment website

Tutors and PALS

PLUS tutors and peer-assisted leaders (PALs) are undergraduate and graduate students who have previously excelled in a given course (3.3 B+ final course grade or higher), have sophomore standing, maintain a 3.0 B or higher GPA, and wish to assist their peers. PLUS tutor and PAL positions are paid for their time assisting students and attending regular training sessions.

Tutors and PALs are hired and supervised by PLUS staff and fulfill particular roles and responsibilities. Tutors and PALs are required to attend weekly training sessions and participate in a certification program through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

PALs must also be in regular contact with the faculty member teaching the course they facilitate a group for. In the first one to two weeks of the quarter, they will work with the faculty member to set up a time to promote the PLUS Group in class and poll students regarding the best dates/times to hold weekly sessions. Only PALs hired for supplemental instruction (versus study groups) are required to attend class lectures or participate in in-class activities.

Academic Coaches

PLUS academic coaches are undergraduate and graduate students who are of a professional mindset, maintain a 3.3 or higher GPA, and wish to assist their peers in academic success strategies. PLUS academic coach positions are paid for their time helping students and for attending regular training CRLA training sessions. Academic coaches meet their assigned students each week for a minimum of 6 weeks during the term to help guide the students to academic success.

Please have one of your faculty members complete this Faculty Recommendation Form – Academic Coaching once you have completed the PLUS Application form.

Office Aides

Office aides are EWU students who maintain a 3.0 GPA while employed at PLUS. They assist the PLUS staff and student employees with maintaining an organized workflow and cleanliness in the Learning Commons at JFK.

Graduate Student Associates (GSAs)

PLUS GSAs are graduate students working as lead academic coaches and assist the PLUS staff with projects, training new hires, presenting workshops, and tabling at university events. GSAs are also trained using our certified CRLA program while gaining professional experience leading students to academic success.

GSA Application