Study Groups

The Program Leading to University Success (PLUS) offers a variety of FREE peer-led collaborative study groups for courses on the quarter and semester schedules. These include traditionally difficult 100 and 200 level courses and a few 300 level courses. Student attendees gain confidence in mastering content, asking questions of their peers and faculty, and applying new learning strategies.

Weekly sessions are led by study group PALs (peer-assisted leaders) who received a high final course grade, a faculty recommendation, and attend weekly training sessions. PALs integrate content and learning strategies, including review of lecture notes, textbook readings, problem-solving exercises, and pair or team-based activities that promote active learning and collaboration.

On average, participants that attend 5+ sessions in a quarter receive a 0.50 higher course grade than their peers in the course who did not attend study group sessions.

What Do Students Like About PLUS Study Groups?*

“It’s a collaborative environment and it truly is there to help you as much as possible.”

“More time to go in depth into specific things than in class.”

“I felt like we were given an adequate amount of practice and were challenged to understand the topic by coming up with our own examples. It helped me absorb the necessary information.”

“Connecting with the group, being able to participate, and not being afraid to ask questions.”

PLUS Study Groups

  • Attendance is not mandatory and there is no sign-up required
  • Coverage varies but primarily includes business, mathematics, and physical science courses
  • Study groups meet twice per week (50 minutes each) in the Learning Commons of JFK Library or in classrooms across campus
  • Weekly session dates and times are determined by student polling in class the first week of the quarter or by email ( poll)
  • Students in the same course collaborate, discuss concepts, and problem solve in a small group environment facilitated by a more knowledgeable PAL.

*2016 Survey Results

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Like study groups, supplemental instruction is facilitated by a PAL who not only conducts bi-weekly sessions but also comes to classes and collaborates with the instructor to provide tailored supplemental instruction based on specific student need. All courses are eligible for SI.

For more information, please contact the Anna Tadlock:
(509) 359-6415
EWU Learning Commons, JFK Library, M22