PLUS (Program Leading to University Success) offers FREE tutoring to EWU students. Collaborative study is a big part of PLUS. Because of the high volume of requests, especially in math and the sciences, it is possible to have two to three students participate in the same tutoring session.

PLUS Tutoring

  • Tutoring sessions begin the second week of the quarter.
  • If you are currently using PLUS tutoring this quarter, it does not roll over into the next quarter. Please fill out requests for each quarter after registering for classes.
  • Students meet with an assigned tutor at least twice a week for 50-minute sessions.
  • Tutors model effective study strategies through course-specific activities.
  • Tutors are trained and certified through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).
  • Filling out a tutor request does not guarantee that you will be assigned a tutor.
  • Students are encouraged to apply online for tutoring as soon as they’ve registered for the upcoming quarter. 

For more information, please contact Brent Olinger:
(509) 359-7416
EWU Learning Commons, JFK Library, M28