ROTC Showcases New Obstacle Course

EWU Army ROTC this spring showed off its new obstacle course with a demonstration in front of Cadet Hall.

Having such a challenging course is very unique for an ROTC program. All cadets who want to commission need to successfully complete a sanctioned obstacle course at Advanced Camp like the one now on campus.

“The significance of the obstacle course is that it gives our Cadets an opportunity to train on obstacles that they will be evaluated on at Air Assault School,” says Lt. Col. Jonathan Stafford, professor of Military Science at EWU. “Every summer we send Cadets to Air Assault School where they learn helicopter air insertion operations, and one of the requirements to pass the school is to complete a timed obstacle course.” 

Stafford also points out the course will help the program’s Ranger Challenge team, as each year the top 10 cadets from the EWU ROTC Battalion compete against other teams in their Brigade. He’s hopeful it will lead to higher obstacle course scores during the next competition.

ROTC cadets recently demonstrated the various stations on the course. In addition to Stafford, those in attendance included Col. Ben Bird, the 8th ROTC Brigade Commander from JBLM; Jonathan Anderson, dean of the College of Social Sciences at EWU; and David May, interim president of EWU.

The course was funded by a donation from an anonymous donor with no ties to Eastern. He has given $43,000 in scholarships for ROTC cadets (Citizen Soldier Scholarship) in two years.

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