PLUS Can Help You with Your Classes—PLUS, it’s Free!

PLUS peer facilitators, tutors and academic coaches are here to help students succeed in their courses—in the classroom and online. Also, PLUS services are free to all enrolled EWU students. To learn more about this valuable university resource, InsideEWU followed up with some questions for Michelle Galey, the director of PLUS.

So, what exactly is PLUS?

PLUS stands for the Program Leading to University Success. We provide free academic support to EWU students through study groups (popularly known as PLUS Groups), tutoring and academic coaching. Services are provided by peers who have done exceptionally well in their courses, and all tutors, study group facilitators, and academic coaches go through 20-30 hours of training.

What are the most popular services PLUS provides?

PLUS’ most popular services include small group tutoring, PLUS study groups and academic coaching.

Who should be utilizing PLUS services?

No matter where a student is at on their journey at EWU, PLUS services can help. If students are wanting assistance with a particular course or want to feel more connected with peers in their class, especially during this time of being online, attending study groups or small group tutoring can provide not only content help but also a place for students to meet regularly and discuss strategies for success.

Academic coaching is another resource that many EWU students utilize. Whether students need someone to help hold them accountable during the quarter, or they are looking for strategies in specific areas—such as time management, test taking, notetaking, or even how to manage being in online classes—PLUS academic coaches are here to assist. Academic coaching includes a series of individual meetings with a peer academic coach to help students develop and refine skills necessary for being a successful college student.

Hear from students (in the video below) who have utilized coaching and not only feel more confident but have also brought up their grades:

Do students have to pay for PLUS services?

Nope! All of PLUS services are free for EWU students.

How do the services work in the virtual format?

Last spring when we had to move everything online in a hurry, we offered all drop-in services except for academic coaching, which remained as an online, one-to-one appointment via Zoom.

Now all services are offered just like students are used to utilizing them—the only difference is that all sessions are conducted through Zoom. We hope to offer face-to-face services when it is safe to do so. However, Zoom sessions have been so successful that we plan on offering virtual sessions as part of our continued services.

Have you received positive feedback from students utilizing the services virtually?

Yes! This feedback was pulled from surveys when we moved to online in the spring:

“Zoom was nice because I was able to talk to someone throughout the quarter, even with everything that was going on.”

“It was nice to meet in the comfort of my own home.”

“As someone who rarely reaches out for tutoring or help in classes, I really enjoyed this coaching service this quarter”

“I am so grateful to have had coaching during this pandemic because having someone to check on me every week and motivating me to work on my goals has helped me to not give up. Thank you for having this program!”

“My tutor for CHEM 163 has been amazing! She is so helpful. She can explain concepts in multiple different ways and draws out pictures that help for the visual learner in me. She is so patient, friendly and kind. I wish everyone utilized her because she helped so much!”

How do students set an appointment with PLUS?

It’s easy! Students can just go to the PLUS website and click on the specific red buttons for the service they are interested in. They can also email or call us, and someone from PLUS will get back to them right away. Winter quarter small group tutoring sign-ups will open up during winter quarter registration, which starts Nov. 20.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 509.359.6505

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