Student Civic Leadership Awards Recognize Two Future Social Workers

Two Eastern graduate students were recently honored by EWU interim President David May with the 2021 President’s Student Civic Leadership Award.

Krista Malyon connects Eastern students will resources that provide support for basic needs.

Krista Malyon and Curtis Anderson were honored for their outstanding work with the award, which recognizes efforts in addressing critical ecological, economic and social issues in our state, nation and world.

Krista Malyon, who will graduate in June with a Master of Social Work degree, is a graduate student assistant with a pilot program that helps disadvantaged college students. The program aims to combat food and housing insecurity in postsecondary student populations, including students right here on the EWU campus.

Malyon, a 30-year-old from Bellevue, Washington, works one-on-one with food- and housing-insecure students to connect them with campus and community resources — assistance that will help such students meet basic needs and keep them on a path toward graduation. She has also taken the time to ensure that students have the transportation, via STA, to access those helpful resources.

In addition, Malyon has created a survivor’s journaling project to assist in the recovery process for EWU students who are survivors of sexual assault and/or domestic violence. She has done volunteer service with the West Spokane Wellness Partnership, Strengthening Families Locally, Health and Justice Recovery Alliance and Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition.

Curtis Anderson brings a personal perspective that fuels his drive to help others.

Curtis Anderson came to EWU thanks in part to The Passport to College Promise, a state-funded scholarship and support program that promotes university enrollment and success among current and former foster youth. He now serves as a graduate student assistant with program.

Anderson, who is pursuing a Master of Social Work degree, had experiences growing up in the foster care system that taught him to be his own best advocate. Its a personal history that has also influenced his passion for using his knowledge to help others.

As an assistant with the Passport program, he provides outreach to students who are eligible for Passport scholarships, helping them to access program opportunities while overcoming obstacles that might otherwise hinder their academic success and path to graduation.

Anderson, 23, is also creating a training program for EWU faculty and staff who work with Passport students, one that aims to increase their awareness of available regional resources.

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