Meet the 2019 Distinguished Service Award Winners

Bill Shaw
Administrative Exempt Distinguished Service Award

Serving as business officer for a single college at Eastern is a big job on its own, but Bill Shaw has the extraordinary ability to do it for multiple colleges at the same time.

Shaw currently serves as the business officer for the College of Social Sciences. Prior to moving to social sciences, Shaw was instrumental in helping the university navigate a particularly busy time for several colleges. While serving as the budget officer for the College of Business and Public Administration, he jumped into the same position for the College of Health Science and Public Health. Then, the next year, he again jumped in to help—this time for the College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

“He remained urbane, collegial, friendly and competent under pressure,” says Martine Duchatelet, economics professor at EWU and former dean of the College of Business and Public Administration. “He managed to juggle serving two colleges at the same time without either college being short-changed.”

Jonathan Anderson, dean of the College of Social Sciences, adds that Shaw takes on a herculean amount of work. “I cannot imagine many individuals being able to take on the financial roles of two colleges at the same time, and yet, Bill did so voluntarily, humbly and without complaint,” Anderson says.

An employee since 2008, coworkers across campus say Shaw, who holds two degrees from EWU, is an approachable resource and carries a constant willingness to assist others.

“Bill has a great personality that allows him to work well with everyone,” says Tara Moses, the executive director of Academic Business and Operations. “He is extremely knowledgeable about the institution and shares his knowledge frequently.”

“Bill’s work life seems to be one constant interruption; I truly do not know how he manages to get his work done,” says Krista Loney, director of the Eastern Washington Area Health Education Center. “So many people rely on him, and so many people are taken care of because of his commitment to excellence.”

Carla Messal
Classified Staff Distinguished Service Award

When the PUB reopened last fall, the newly renovated space wasn’t the only bright spot waiting for students and staff. Carla Messal was there to not only keep the space shiny and clean, but to also make sure the busy people inside were happy and healthy.

A custodian at Eastern for seven years, Messal transferred to the PUB from Showalter Hall last year because she sought a location that would allow her more contact with students—and more opportunities to help support them. “I consider her part of the student success team without a doubt,” says Mark Baldwin, the Associate Vice President for Academic Planning.

While custodians are sometimes overlooked and underappreciated, Messal’s attitude and spirit keep her going strong every day. Her supervisors and coworkers report that she’s regularly early for work and always willing to help a coworker or share a tip that may make the job easier.

It’s Messal’s thoughtfulness that really strikes a chord with people. “The light and life she brought to the PUB with her is unparalleled,” says Kasey Schmidt, a custodial supervisor at EWU. “She is so much more than just a custodian. She is an ambassador of the EWU spirit. Her thoughtful ways and ever-present smile leave all who encounter her throughout the day a little warmer.”

From fellow staff members to students, they all say Messal goes above and beyond to make sure people feel at home at Eastern.

“Every morning that I see Carla she speaks to me,” says Darnisha Thomas, a business student at Eastern. “She is always cheerful with a smiling face. As a student here, Carla is one of the many who always checks on me to see how I am doing, even though she does not have to.”

Messal’s impact at Eastern does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

“I began to understand that this woman was one comparable to superwoman,” adds Heidi Bishop, psychology major and student supervisor at the EWU Eagle Store. “Always getting her job done while simultaneously bettering the lives of those around her.”

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