EWU Pride Center Celebrates Ten Years

The EWU Pride Center is hosting Pride Month this October with a calendar full of events.

The EWU Pride Center empowers LGBTQ+ students all year long, but they know the importance of dedicated, prolonged and active visibility across campus. A group of students, faculty and staff organized EWU’s first Pride Week celebration in spring 2009. A decade later, they’ve realized the occasion deserves more than a week.

The EWU Pride Center ribbon cutting in 2010.

The fall 2020 celebration is particularly special because the Pride Center is celebrating ten years since they officially opened their doors. The Pride Center says it wants to help the campus community remember where we’ve been so we know where we need to go next. And, during a pandemic, they’ve created multiple opportunities for LGBTQ+ students to connect virtually. Organizers say it isn’t how they’d like to celebrate, but the LGBTQ+ community has a long history of making the most out of limited resources and circumstances.

On Friday, Oct. 16 members of the campus community joined together virtually to celebrate the ten year anniversary. During the webinar, EWU’s Interim President David May, Pride Center Director Nick Franco, and LGBTQ+ alumnus Seth Cook highlighted the significance and impact of the Pride Center over the past decade and plans for the future. If you missed the event, you can watch a recording of the webinar here.

And check out the full list of LGBTQ+ Pride Month events on the Pride Center’s website.

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