EdS in School Psychology First Online Program in U.S. to Achieve Full Accreditation

We are excited to share that Eastern Washington University’s Educational Specialist in School Psychology (EdS) Program has received full accreditation through 2029 from the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).

Eastern now has the first online EdS School Psychology Program in the United States to receive full accreditation by the NASP, paving a path for others who aim to address school psychologist shortages in distant, rural and remote locations.

In announcing the accreditation, Provost Jonathan Anderson expressed gratitude to the “talented team of faculty for their contributions and participation in the fall site visit and for their help in navigating the challenges to meet standards. Thank you especially to Dr. Susan Ruby, Ms. Elizabeth Willis, and Dr. Jamie Chaffin, for their work in the initial and follow-up reports. This was truly a team effort,” he said.

Additionally, Anderson thanked Kayleen Islam-Zwart, PhD, School of Psychology chair/director, for her  “dedication to the School Psychology Program and consistent advocacy for the program since 2005.”

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