Eagle Strong: Thankful for Help and Encouragement

Some of our Eagle Strong submissions are well deserved shout-outs to the great support students, faculty and staff are giving each other. Here a few great examples!

From Robin Bayley, School of Global Learning:

The entire staff of the School of Global Learning (Megan Abbey, Elena Axton, Alex Cassano, Sarah Dalrymple, Kristina Guilfoyle, Tiffany Piccotte, Michael Reid) has been exemplary in their total availability to our international students.  They are always there for them to help calm their fears and all of their questions. These people are definitely Eagle Strong!

From Anne Arbanas, Dental Hygiene student:

I am graduating from the program this year, and a lot of uncertainty has fallen upon us students as we await our six national board examinations in order to become licensed dental hygienists. Through this time of ever-changing circumstances, our faculty has truly been a beacon of light in the darkness. Our chair of dental hygiene is Professor Lisa Bilich. She spends every day advocating for us students and keeping us up to date on changes that occur. Our other professors are also involved in advocacy. Not only do they advocate for us, but they take care of us. Our professors ask us not to worry, because they will take on that burden for us. How amazing is that?

My fellow dental hygiene students and I know that not every dental hygiene school in the nation is this lucky. They do not have faculty members bending over backwards to advocate for them, keeping them updated on licensure, and taking on their burdens for them. This pandemic has opened my eyes to just how wonderful my dental hygiene faculty is—arguably the best in the nation.

I wanted to spend this time recognizing the amazing faculty EWU Dental Hygiene has. Their care and concern is simply above and beyond, and I am extremely blessed to be led by them!

We know many of you in various departments and units are also planning and doing some special things—so please share with us by submitting your Eagle Strong story at Inside@ewu.edu. Please visit ewu.edu/strong to learn more about the university’s efforts.

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