The Office for Diversity & Inclusion at Eastern Washington University invites you to experience 8 Days and 46 Seconds of Diversity Virtual Programming. You will have the opportunity Oct. 1-8 to explore multiple aspects of diversity through informative clips, mini-videos, articles and facts. 

Expand your knowledge on cultural celebrations, landmark documents, honor the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, learn how to be an ally and watch snippets of a step show! 

It’s easy—simply click the link below and grow in your diversity knowledge.

The Office for Diversity & Inclusion will send a new link via email to students each day through Oct. 8 and InsideEWU will continually update this article with each day’s content.

The 8 days and 46 seconds are in memory of George Floyd, whose death has been a catalyst for positive change. 

Thank you to our contributing sponsors:

  • Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies
  • Office of Native American Affairs
  • Pui-Yan Lam, PhD, professor of sociology
  • Disability Studies
  • Members of the Spokane/Pullman area Divine 9 Black Greek Letter Organizations