Workshops to Help with Grants and Contracts

The Office of Grant and Research Development (OGRD) is hosting workshops that will provide helpful information related to grants and contracts. The workshops, offered monthly, are open to everyone.

Here is a schedule of upcoming workshops created by OGRD to help the campus community:


Title: Are You My Funding Opportunity? How to Identify Grant “Fit-Ness”

Date and Time: Feb. 21 | Wednesday | 1-1:50 p.m.

Location: Faculty Commons

Description: Join the Office of Grant and Proposal Development (OGRD) in its first 2024 workshop to learn about the entire “cradle-to-grave” grant experience to help determine the best fit between yourself and funding opportunities. This an excellent workshop for all PIs and potential PIs, seeing that OGRD has recently undergone significant changes. The workshop serves as an excellent introduction to the grant process for new faculty/staff who may not have applied or helped manage a grant before.
Pre-register online.


Title: How to Pitch Your Idea to a Grant Funder

Date and time: March 6 | Wednesday |1-1:50 p.m.

Location: Faculty Commons

Details: It’s all so exciting. You have finally found a funding opportunity, the dollar signs are looking real fine, but now what? This workshop will teach you how to read solicitations in depth, learn what to look for, and doubly determine if it is a good fit. Additionally, we will discuss the intentions of requests for proposals (RFPs), how to determine your audience for your proposal, what to do when you have questions about the solicitation, and when to start working on a proposal.
Pre-register online.

Title: How to Read a Solicitation (St. Patrick’s Scavenger Hunt)

Date and time: March 15 | 11-11:50 a.m.

Location: Meet in front of the PUB

Details: In an active scavenger hunt that finishes at the “end of the rainbow,” deepen your skills to glean all the necessary information from a solicitation to write an excellent grant proposal. Prizes and refreshments will be provided at the end of the rainbow (the end of the scavenger hunt). People with all physical disabilities are encouraged to participate. Wear proper outdoor gear. The scavenger hunt will be completed in small teams—if you wish to sign up as a team of 2-4, please note this in the pre-registration. If you wish to sign up as an individual, we will create a team for you.
Pre-register online.


Title: Overview of the IRB Process

Date and time: April 10 | noon-12:50 p.m.

Location: Faculty Commons and Zoom

Details: Anyone who conducts research with human subjects is required to complete Institutional Review Board (IRB) training and apply for IRB approval before beginning their research activities. ORGD is sponsoring this workshop, which is open to all faculty and staff. The workshop is accessible in-person at the Faulty Commons in the JFK Library on online, via Zoom. Heidi Hillman, Chair of IRB at EWU, will provide an overview of the IRB process and answer questions. The workshop is useful for anyone who believes they may be working with human subjects at any point in the future.

To learn more about upcoming workshops, visit the OGRD website.

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