Science Building Accessible Amid Construction

Construction is underway on the Science Building and, as a result, half of the building and corresponding entrances are closed.

To gain entrance, please use the southwest and northwest entrances, which are both toward the back of the building and are closest to Washington Street (Washington Street runs between the building and the athletics facilities).

The northwest entrance is accessible by going from the campus mall, through the walkway in between the Science Building and the Interdisciplinary Science Center and through the entryway toward the rear of the building. You can also can walk through the main entrance of the ISC all the way to the back of the building and exit to the left on the main floor and cross the walkway to the Science Building, or use the second-floor walkway.

The southwest entrance is located toward the back of the building, facing the Cheney Hall and Computing and Engineering buildings. 

The closures are anticipated to last two years, until the first phase of construction is complete and renovation on the other half of the building begins.

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