Kuddos to VRC Team for Positive On-Site Review

Message from Lea M. Jarnagin, Ed.D., vice president for Student Affairs


Our Veterans Resource Center (VRC) team recently hosted Gil Rodriguez for an on-site VA review (see attached). I’m pleased to provide that both Lena and Dave shared that the review was a success on a number of fronts. I will share this as part of our next Senate update; however, I would appreciate if you would take a moment and acknowledge the hard work of all involved. Lena and Dave are sending Thank You notes and I am also going to be acknowledging the work!

This comprehensive review of the VRC, covering a three-year period since our last assessment in 2020, involved an in-depth examination of 35 student files, including a significant portion belonging to graduate students. These reviews are standard every three years for an institution of our size and given the number of VA students we serve.

A crucial point I want to highlight is the teamwork and collaboration that contributed to the success of this review. The powerhouse duo of Dave and Lena – alongside dedicated teams, across campus, made this review successful. Our colleagues’ collaborative spirit played a pivotal role in ensuring a positive outcome for the institution.

In particular, we are grateful to the following teams and individuals who supported this review:

  • Bursar’s Office (Student Financial Services), for handling University Fee Schedule and Tuition Statements, with special thanks to Lori Holznagel and Stewart Maxson.
  • Records and Registration, for managing Academic Calendars, Transfer Credit Evaluations, and Transcripts, with appreciation for Nikki Measor, Julie Fournier, and Amanda Stilwell.
  • Financial Aid, for overseeing College Financial Plans and EWU Tuition-Specific Scholarships or Waivers, with acknowledgment to Shannon Roark and Kandi Teeters.
  • Graduate Admissions, for their work on Application for Admission, with gratitude towards Sarah O’Hare.
  • Undergraduate Admissions, for their management of Application for Admission (using SLATE), with thanks to Jana Jaraysi.
  • Student Accounting, for their oversight of Ledger 2 funds usage and monthly month-end report totals, with recognition to Diana Hartman.

Additionally, our yearly WASAC catalog reaffirmation was supported by Jake Morrison, Almat Yeraly (Institutional Research), and Mark Ward (Records and Registration – Catalog), who stood by ready to assist.

The collective effort of all these individuals and teams exemplifies the spirit of cooperation and dedication that defines our university community. Their hard work and commitment not only facilitated a smooth review process but also underscored our collective commitment to supporting our veteran students effectively. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved for their outstanding contributions and for continuing to make our university a welcoming and supportive environment for all students.

In community,


Lea M. Jarnagin, Ed.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs
Student Affairs, EWU

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