Institutional Biosafety Committee Call for Proposals

Dear EWU Community member,

The EWU Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is responsible for overseeing research involving potentially biohazardous materials. We are currently seeking proposals from faculty who are planning to begin working with materials that are considered to be biohazards. This includes any biohazardous work either on campus or in the field that is performed by students or faculty members in their official capacity as an EWU student/employee. Research areas of concern include:

  • Recombinant DNA molecules (e.g. plasmids and viral vectors) or synthetic nucleic acids
    • Genetically modified organisms (plants, animals, eukaryotes, bacteria, archaea)
    • Potentially infectious material
    • Biotoxins
    • Material from humans or nonhuman primates (e.g. blood, tissues, cell lines)
    • Field research involving animals or animal tissues known to be reservoirs of zoonotic disease

If you think your current or planned research projects might fall into one of these categories, and you have not had your project approved by the IBC, please complete the Institutional Biosafety Committee New Research Submission Form. The IBC asks that you please submit the proposal at least three weeks before the project start date.

The IBC plans to meet at the end of spring quarter. Please submit your proposals by May 24 to ensure the IBC can review your proposal at this meeting. Completed proposals can be submitted at

Please visit the following links to learn more about biosafety at EWU.

If you have any questions regarding biosafety for your project, please consult the links above or contact the IBC Chair at

Best wishes for a successful research project!

Nick Burgis
IBC Chair, Professor of Chemistry

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