EWU Police Officer Douthitt Recognized by BOT for Heroic Actions

EWU Police Officer, Valerie Douthitt was recently recognized by the EWU Board of Trustees at the Oct. 21 meeting with a Medal of Courage certificate for taking heroic actions to save the life of a motorcyclist involved in an accident.

Douthitt, who has been with the EWU Police Department since May of 2022, is known for going above and beyond in her work at Eastern. In her short time at the EWUPD, she has displayed tremendous work ethic, teamwork and compassion which were all on display on the afternoon of August 7. 

Officer Douthitt is pictured here with Police Chief Jewell Day after receiving the award from the EWU Board of Trustees.

While traveling southbound on I-5, Officer Douthitt witnessed a motorcyclist lose control of their motorcycle in front of her vehicle. Upon striking the freeway, the motorcyclist was immediately run over by another vehicle. Officer Douthitt activated her emergency blinkers and diverted traffic around the injured motorist while starting to administer first aid. She applied multiple gauze pads and a tourniquet to the motorcyclist’s wounds. 

Officer Douthitt’s quick response and disregard for her own safety assisted in preserving the life of the injured motorist. 

In recognizing her bravery, the EWU Board of Trustees said that Officer Douthitt represented not only herself but the entire EWU community well during this critical incident as she embodied the very ideals that we strive to display to our community.

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