Drag Show Hits the Ice

The recent drag show at EWU was a fairy tale with a twist. The drag show, now in its 25th year at EWU, played out on ice rink at the University Recreation Center. 

Drag on Ice: A Fairy’s Tale, held on March 11, attracted more than 600 students, faculty, staff and community members who came together for the spectacular night of drag show queens and figure skaters performing amid a backdrop of colorful lights, iconic music and glitter.

In addition to delighting the audience, the event raised $1,300 for the Spokane AIDs Network, a local nonprofit that provides education, testing and support.  

Eagle Entertainment, Eagle Sound, University Productions and the EWU Pride Center partnered with the Spokane AIDS Network, and Grant Ogren, executive director of the organization, to plan this major event.

“We have worked with many organizations in Spokane and working with EWU and its Pride Center is a great fit. Our communities overlap and making sure that we have a safe space to express ourselves is very important,” Ogren said.

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