Benefits Office News: Summer Insurance Coverage/Balloon Deductions Reminder

Summer ballooning for benefit premiums begins on April 10.

Coverage under the University-paid PEBB insurance package of medical, dental, basic life, and basic long-term disability will continue through the summer months for full time faculty and staff on less than 11-month appointments, provided they return to eligible pay status in September.

For faculty appointments paid over the academic year (9 months) and staff on less than 11-month appointments, double insurance premiums are deducted (ballooned) from April 10-June 25 to collect premiums due for July, August and September. If your insurance premiums are ballooned and you receive pay anytime in July through September, no medical or life premiums will be deducted.

Employees on a semester schedule may have adjustments in fall if full premiums are not collected, due to the early semester end date in May.

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