13 McNair Scholars Present at EWU’s 2022 Student Research & Creative Works Symposium

13 McNair Scholars Present at EWU’s 2022 Student Research & Creative Works SymposiumOn May 11, EWU held the 2022 Student Research and Creative Works Symposium. The Symposium has been held virtually for the last two years, and being back in person allowed for a different level of engagement as scholars discussed their research (both proposed and completed) with fellow students, faculty, and the EWU community. Many scholars shared their work in poster format in the PUB, while others had the opportunity to give longer talks to packed classrooms. McNair scholars shared their experiences with us for this article.


Graduating McNair scholar Lucia Roussa:

After a long couple of years of virtual meetings it was really nice to see all of the other student projects in one room. It felt so rewarding that so many people were interested in my research. Poster sessions are really great because they allow people to take in the information at their own pace. I had people leave and come back with more questions, which tells me that they were thinking about my poster even after they left! I really enjoyed being a part of an energetic room of student researchers.

New McNair scholar Alexander Dodson:

Presenting at Eastern Washington University's Research and Creative Works Symposium was an amazing opportunity. Everyone was super kind and excited for me to tell them about the research I am doing. I would recommend everyone attend or present at the symposium!

New McNair scholar Arcelia Madrigal:

I loved presenting at the symposium because it was a lot more personal since I had my professors and friends visit my poster. I was able to see the creative work of those in my community.

The mission of the federally-funded TRiO Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program at EWU is to increase diversity in academia by supporting first-generation and low-income and/or students underrepresented at the graduate level who plan to go on to earn a PhD. When scholars from diverse backgrounds become leaders in their fields, they bring forth exciting and relevant research questions. They grow to be role-models, increasing both representation and opportunities for future students. The 13 McNair scholars who presented at the symposium reflect the many different areas of study where our scholars are gaining expertise.


We are consistently impressed with the breadth and depth EWU’s McNair scholars bring to their research, and we look forward to experiencing the impact of their work!


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