McNair Alumni Plenary Session for the 2021 EWU Online Symposium

A Collaboration between McNair and CSTEM

June 2, 2021; 9-10:15 am 


These EWU McNair Alumni panelists will discuss how to address issues of justice within academic research. Click the link on each person below to read more about that Alumni and their thoughts on social justice in research!

Meet the Panelists

S. Omar Jobe
Yvonne looking at camera with spruce trees in background
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Omar Jobe, PhD

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Endocrinology and Physiology

MBA, University of Wisconsin-Madison

EWU Bachelor’s degree 2008, Biology Major





Frank King, PhD

Washington State University, American Studies

EWU Bachelor’s degree 2006: History Major, Africana Studies and Anthropology Minors




Yvonne P. Sherwood, PhD

University of California - Santa Cruz, Sociology

EWU Bachelor's degrees 2011, Sociology and Women and Gender Studies Majors, American Indian Studies and Chicanx Studies Minors




Laura Zamudio-Orozco, PhD

Florida International University, Math Education

EWU Bachelor’s degree 2015: Mathematics Education Major, Spanish Minor