McNair Staff, 2022-2023


Cori Jaeger, MEd, MFA

Academic Advisor, Ronald E. McNair Scholar Program

107 Monroe

Phone: 509.359.6523

Fax: 509.359.2420


Cori Jaeger completed her Master of Fine Arts in Fiction at Eastern in 2021. After two years as a McNair graduate student assistant, she is thrilled to be coming on in a year-round role to support students through the research and application processes! She has followed a meandering path to get here - from managing a children’s toy store, to an MEd in Elementary Education, to running a summer camp for LGBTQ youth and youth of LGBTQ families, to wholesaling scarves to boutiques, and then back to teaching. She also did community organizing for racial justice for over 6 years in Seattle and is working to make connections with the racial justice work here in Spokane as well. She is excited to support McNair students however possible and is always down to talk about great TV, teaching/facilitating, young adult novels, summer camp and youth work, sci-fi/fantasy, or just how you are doing.


Liina Koivula, BA

Office Admin - Graduate School Assistant, Ronald E. McNair Scholar Program

107 Monroe


Liina Koivula (they/them) is a writer, book designer, and a Creative Writing MFA student at EWU, focused on fiction. Liina completed a BA at The Evergreen State College in 2005 and worked in the printing industry for 15 years. They also studied massage and natural therapeutics in Albuquerque, NM, and facilitated a group for queer writers of diverse ages and backgrounds, which published three print anthologies, in Vancouver, BC. Liina grew up in Olympia, Washington and returns there between living in other cities with their partner, Kaden. Liina enjoys helping McNair scholars build confidence by witnessing their own academic improvement, growth, and achievement. They are available for your proofreading needs!
Marcus Shoffner

Marcus Shoffner, BS

Recruitment Specialist - Graduate School Assistant, Ronald E. McNair Scholar Program

107 Monroe


Marcus Shoffner (AP) is a Artist, Poet, Lyricists and a Creative Writing MFA student at EWU. Marcus attended the University of North Carolina at Pembroke & earned his Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications: Public Relations & double minored in Business Administration in Management as well as Creative Writing in Poetry. It was during his time in undergrad he served as president of the creative writing club on campus. It was here Marcus first began to pursue his passions in making sure misrepresented people get their voice heard. Attending EWU and finding out about McNair, was perfect for Marcus because he too is 1st generation. "After learning about the mission of McNair I knew I wanted to be apart of the team & make sure these scholars receive the opportunity to get their voice heard and not only pursue higher degrees, but their passions through research in their respective field of interests"

Cynthia Dukich

Cynthia Dukich, MFA - Recently Retired

Long-time McNair Staff Cynthia Dukich retired this fall. Cynthia worked with McNair for over 20 years helping students achieve their dreams. She will be missed, but we're excited for her next adventures half-marathoning, gardening, pottery, plant philanthropy and more! If you have a message for Cynthia, email Cori Jaeger ( and I can relay it to her.

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