EWU McNair Scholar Lucia Roussa Receives Excellence in Academic Achievement Award

Excellence in Academic Achievement Award from EWU’s Environmental Science ProgramCongratulations to EWU McNair Scholar Lucia Roussa! Lucia has been selected by the faculty of the Environmental Science Program to receive the “Excellence in Academic Achievement Award” for 2022. Lucia’s professors remarked about her active pursuit of undergraduate research experiences, success in obtaining competitive summer research opportunities external to EWU, and experience as a McNair scholar to further prepare herself for her goal of attending graduate school and ultimately becoming a research scientist. Her professors noted that she executed a successful project on aquatic invertebrates at Turnbull Scholar in summer 2020 despite the COVID-19 constraints, and that she is currently in the midst of an exciting project examining the algal symbionts of freshwater sponges using molecular techniques.

Lucia is double majoring in Environmental Science and Biology at EWU. Her research interests include Phycology, marine microbiology, and conservation science in coastal marine ecosystems. In 2021, Lucia participated in an EWU McNair Summer Research Internship under the mentorship of Dr. Camille McNeely, Professor of Biology, where she investigated the relationship between freshwater algal abundance and diversity by analyzing the eutrophication of wetlands in Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge. She then went on to work with Dr. Jessica Allen to analyze the phylogeny of freshwater sponges across greater Eastern Washington.

Lucia was one of only 13 interns selected for an internship quantifying Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia labiata) using aerial photographs with CICOES (Cooperative Institute for Climate, Ocean, and Ecosystem Studies) through the University of Washington under mentor Dr. Julie Keister. Lucia was invited to continue participating in this research.

Lucia will begin attending North Carolina State University’s Doctoral program in Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences in Fall 2022.

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