EWU McNair Scholar Malek Chreiki Awarded Schwalm Scholarship

Malek Chreiki Receives 2022 Schwalm Scholarship

Congratulations to new EWU McNair Scholar Malek Chreiki! Malek has been selected to receive the 2022 Schwalm Scholarship through the EWU Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics. The committee was impressed with Malek’s academic achievements, dedication to interdisciplinary research and community service work. This upcoming summer, Malek will be researching Design and delivery of Gamma-Retroviral … Read more

EWU McNair Scholar Theresa Lee Accepted by Sixth Graduate Program

Congratulations to EWU McNair Scholar Theresa Lee! Theresa has been accepted by the University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies in the their Masters of Public Policy program. This includes a prestigious Faculty Recognition Scholarship which were only awarded to a select few Masters students. Theresa has already been accepted by five other … Read more

EWU McNair Scholar Darlene Gilroy Awarded Two Scholarships

Congratulations EWU McNair Scholar Darlene Gilroy! Darlene has been awarded the Penelope A. Jones Scholarship and the HOME Program Scholarship. Darlene’s EWU McNair research has focused on the chemical weathering of volcanic sediments under the mentorship of Dr. Carmen Nezat. She has presented on this project at the 2019 Murdock College Science Research Conference in … Read more

EWU McNair Scholar Alexis Guizar-Diaz Awarded Orlinda H. Luiten Scholarship

Congratulations EWU McNair Scholar Alexis Guizar-Diaz! Alexis has been awarded the Orlinda H. (Rogel) Luiten Scholarship. This scholarship was awarded by Eastern Washington University in recognition of Alexis’ academic excellence. Currently Alexis is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Philosophy. His key research interests are political economy, rural & agrarian communities, … Read more

EWU McNair Scholar Rachael Pentico Awarded Terzieff Scholarship

Congratulations EWU McNair Scholar Rachael Pentico! Rachael has been awarded the Martin and Helen Terzieff Scholarship. This comes from an endowment established by Martin Jordan Terzieff and Helen Urquhart Terzieff. Martin had a career in education while Helen was a nurse and both were hard working and valued higher education. This is Rachael’s second scholarship … Read more

EWU McNair Scholar Gloria Bravo Awarded Jeffers Chertok Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations EWU McNair Scholar Gloria Bravo! Gloria was nominated by her departments and has been selected by the College of Social Sciences to receive the Jeffers Chertok Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is in honor the life of Dr. Jeffers W. Chertok, who worked at EWU for more than 34 years and left a legacy of … Read more