A Million Thanks

AMillionThanks.org distributes letters to U.S. troops stationed around the world. The organization was founded by Shauna Fleming, a high schooler at the time, in 2004. They have distributed over seven million letters. The organization sends a box of about 1,000 letters to an individual service member and they then distribute the letters to their unit.

Whitman County Sheriff’s Department

According to the Whitman County Sherriff’s Office website “The Whitman County Sheriff’s Office is committed to making Whitman County a safe place to live, work and raise families. The Whitman County Sheriff’s Office strives to enhance the quality of life within Whitman County by working together with area law enforcement agencies and the community at large as we respond to the needs of those we serve.”.

Bags to Beds

The non-profit organization uses the plarn individuals and volunteers donate and make to knit bedding for the homeless. Plarn is repurposing plastic bags into yarn. The organization uses The plarn bedding is waterproof and warm for the homeless facing the harsh weather conditions outside