American Heroes: Lifeguards

My students were learning about American Heroes such as Jane Addams, Martin Luther King Junior, and Ceasar Chavez. After learning about these heroes, we made a poster with phrases telling the lifeguards thank you for what they have done. Once we are done writing, then we colored the poster and drew on it. I took the poster to the local YMCA and took a picture of the lifeguards holding the poster to show the students.

Mother’s Day Flowers & Cards

In this project students planted sunflowers, as well as made cards to give as gifts for Mother’s Day. The students each planted their own sunflower plant and got to watch it grow over the span of a couple weeks. Students also filled out an “All About My Mom” worksheet and drew a portrait of their mother’s. The worksheet and portraits were later laminated for students and given to their mothers.

The Anna Schindler Foundation

The mission of the Anna Schindler Foundation is to provide emotional and financial support to families fighting childhood cancer in the Inland Northwest (WA, ID, MT, OR) while raising awareness of this disease. This is a nonprofit organization that supports families who have children who are battling cancer. The Schindler family started this foundation after their daughter died of cancer when she was only 6 years old.

Playground Clean Up

My 5th grade class during recess got trash bags and gloves provided by the teacher. Their job was to clean up their playground and around the school of trash that was not thrown away properly. The class then discussed if they see someone littering or just seeing trash in the environment and what should they do.