Mother’s Day Flowers & Cards

In this project students planted sunflowers, as well as made cards to give as gifts for Mother’s Day. The students each planted their own sunflower plant and got to watch it grow over the span of a couple weeks. Students also filled out an “All About My Mom” worksheet and drew a portrait of their mother’s. The worksheet and portraits were later laminated for students and given to their mothers.

Refugee Supply Drive

The project is a supply drive for local Refugees by donating house/school supplies and items to be donated to the World Relief Organization. The project starts with a short lesson on who refugees are and what persecution is then goes into how the World Relief Organization can help by collecting resources and items for Refugees in Spokane.

Letters to Soldiers

For my project, Letters to Soldiers, I had a group of 7th grade students create letters thanking the soldiers for their hard work and dedication. After viewing the partner organization website, Support Our Troops, I noticed that there were many items that soldiers requested. On my own, I went to the store and gathered a few items that were mentioned by the soldiers. After gathering the letters that the students wrote, a picture of all the students, and the various snacks, I sent the package off.

Friendship Bracelets

For this project, I partnered with Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. I worked with students and explained to them how there are kids their age within the hospital that are still having to learn while being isolated and not around their friends. Because of this, we wanted these children to feel seen, heard, and know that we were thinking of them, so we provided bracelets that shared uplifting words of encouragement to provide to these children in the hospital with love and happiness!

Plastic Shopping Bag Recycling

During this project students learn about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, plastic pollution (with an emphasis on plastic shopping bags), The Ocean Clean Up Project, and local recycling options. Students create speeches to share with other classes and collect plastic shopping bags to be recycled. Teacher takes the bags to Walmart to be recycled.

Thank you Spokane County Sheriffs

The project was done with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office and the students created a huge thank you card as a class to give to the police officers to thank them for all they do for our community. In return, the police officers took a picture with them holding the card and I showed the class how much the police officers appreciated the card and loved the kind act of service.