Blizzard Box

We held a school wide food drive where students/teachers bring in canned food/nonperishables. After multiple weeks of the food drive we also asked communities members to donate shoe boxes. The students put food into the shoe boxes, decorated them and gave them to meals-on-wheels. The students also walked them over to the nursing home across the street and gave them to the elderly people there.

Crayola ColorCycle

I did the Crayola ColorCycle with 3rd graders at my placement site. My 3rd graders were in competition with the neighboring 3rd grade classroom to face off in collecting the most markers. The students are to be collecting markers for roughly 8-10 weeks (length of time my vary). At the end of each week the classes are to add up the markers to track the growth to then share with the other class. At the end of the project the markers are added up and announce a winning 3rd grade class.