Cards for Hospitalized kids

Student Contributor -Jayn Moore
Cards for Hospitalized Kids is an organization that collects handmade cards and signed cards for children that have to be in the hospital for extended periods of time. Most of the time, classes will send in cards. But sometimes, celebrities will actually write and send in cards for children.

What my students did for this project was they went through a PowerPoint with me about what we were going to do before our kindergarten buddies joined us in the classroom. All the students did was just take a folded piece of paper and they then were allowed to decorate the card however they wanted to. This was a service to the community because it allows students to do something encouraging for other kids that are their age. All of my fourth graders wanted to be able to do this project again and the kindergarteners that we worked with never wanted to stop doing the project.

The project went super well. All students were able to complete at least one card each and they made sure they all took their time. The advice that I would want to give someone who is going to do this project, is to make sure you have all the supplies premade and set out so that all you have to do is explain and then let the students work on the project.

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