The Anna Schindler Foundation

Student Contributor -M Murphy
The mission of the Anna Schindler Foundation is to provide emotional and financial support to families fighting childhood cancer in the Inland Northwest (WA, ID, MT, OR) while raising awareness of this disease. This is a nonprofit organization that supports families who have children who are battling cancer. The Schindler family started this foundation after their daughter died of cancer when she was only 6 years old.

They have supported over 400 families in the Inland Northwest. They have given over $1 million in financial support has been given directly to families fighting childhood cancer.
The foundation built Spokane’s first respite homes specifically for families going through childhood cancer treatment (Anna’s Homes). They are now working on opening other homes in Spokane and in the Seattle area.

-Donate money
-Volunteer at the different events
-Helping to support the program by buying on their Amazon wish list
-Rounding up when purchasing from Walmart
– Attending the different fundraising events throughout the year

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