Playground Clean Up

Student Contributor -Madison Kem
My 5th grade class during recess got trash bags and gloves provided by the teacher. Their job was to clean up their playground and around the school of trash that was not thrown away properly. The class then discussed if they see someone littering or just seeing trash in the environment and what should they do.

Before we did the actual cleaning, we always communicate in the classroom how to be helpful and be good people in general. Students have been learning throughout the year to be kind, caring, and respectful. This could be holding the door for someone, complimenting someone and even just saying thank you and please. The school wants to represent great leaders with the qualities of being awesome students. We talked about ways we can help our school be better people in their own community. When I told the students that we are going to help the school by making our outside area trash free and clean. I mentioned that we should take pride in the school and help and give back to the community. Students from the other class during recess didn’t know this was going to happen but they joined because they wanted to help as well. Students are always looking for ways now to help the school, friends, and family.

This project is a great small activity for the civics engagement project. You will need to communicate to your students the purpose of cleaning the playground or around the school. You will need to provide trash bags and gloves for students and make sure they wash their hands after. My advice is to also help in this project and show enthusiasm to want to help and give back to the school and community.

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