Mother’s Day Flowers & Cards

In this project students planted sunflowers, as well as made cards to give as gifts for Mother’s Day. The students each planted their own sunflower plant and got to watch it grow over the span of a couple weeks. Students also filled out an “All About My Mom” worksheet and drew a portrait of their mother’s. The worksheet and portraits were later laminated for students and given to their mothers.

Spreading Kindness Campaign

This project is a variation of the Kindness Rocks Project. Instead of painting kind messages on a rock, students will write notes to encourage and uplift each other. The purpose of this project is to show students the power of kindness and encourage them to spread kindness to others. Once everyone has written their notes, students will read them aloud to the class before hanging them up on a kindness wall in the classroom. The kindness wall will be designed and put up by the teacher before students complete the activity.

Thank You Cards

My students were learning about a police officer and a K-9 officer so I thought it would be a great idea for them to write thank-you letters to first responders. I showed my students a small presentation explaining what first responders are and how they help us. They then made thank-you cards and drew pictures with their 1st-grade buddies for first responders in Spokane. I plan on going to Spokane Police Department and giving them the cards here soon.

Paper Flowers and Friendly Letters

I had my students at my practicum create paper flowers and friendly letters for the residents at the Cheney Care Center. The friendly letters are letters that have a greeting, closing, and a body that contains any information the teacher would like. The paper flowers are made from paper and pipe cleaners and are simple to make. The paper flowers and friendly letters would then be delivered to the organization and the organization would then schedule a zoom call or give photos to the school so the students can see what they have done.

Donating to Animals in Need

I’ve been working at Spokane Humane Society for over a year and was very excited to partner with them with this project. I wanted to show my placement students the benefits of donating to animals in need. I explained to them all the important aspects Spokane Humane Society offers to their adoptable animals. Students were very engaged, since who doesn’t love animals.