Spokane Country Fire District 9

Student Contributor -J. Headley
The Spokane County Fire Department helps our community become safe from fires, accidents, and medical emergencies. Spokane County Fire Department helps all of Spokane and backs up other towns if needed. They are very important to our community and provide safety for everyone.

When you become partners with Spokane County Fire Department, you are helping the Spokane community in many different ways. Bringing up the topic of fire safety to students is very important for multiple reasons. In case students see a fire, their house is on fire, and if there is smoke. Having teachers partner with Spokane County Fire Department is going to show students that our community wouldn’t be as safe without our local fire department. Explaining to students that firefighters don’t just put out fires is important, students will learn they don’t just see them at fires but also accidents, and medical emergencies. Exposing our students to an organization like this can help them learn safety and ways to keep themselves and others safe. It is important for students to be informed about and involved in the community where they live.

The way that I partnered with this organization was I had my students draw pictures and write letters thanking the fire department for what they do and then I delivered the letters to the fire station. Something you could do differently for this project is to take the students to the fire station and let them take the thank you cards with them to give to the firefighters themselves. This would be a fun field trip to take students on as they would be getting a tour and seeing all the fire station equipment in person.

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