Higher Grounds Animal Sanctuary

Student Contributor -Paula Phinney
“Higher Ground Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit with the mission to rescue homeless animals or animals in need, to offer a place of refuge to peacefully live out their lives, and to share our work and the animal’s stories to create opportunities for Humane Education – thus resulting in a greater rescue culture.” – Higher Grounds Animal Sanctuary

This organization works with all kinds of animal not just dogs and cats. They help home farm animals and some exotic pets. They staff at Higher Grounds love helping and protecting animals from all back grounds. All the staff are wonderful at helping to educate the community about the care for animals and the needs that animals in our area have.

Teachers and classrooms can partner with Higher Grounds by volunteering their time to help with tasks around the sanctuary, donating money to help buy supplies for the animals that are being re-homed, or donating directly supplies that the sanctuary is in need of.

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