Tilth Alliance

Student Contributor -M. Olson
The Tilth Alliance has a number of garden programs that are aimed to educate the community. They have urban farms, gardens, and kitchens where community members can participate in hands-on experiences to become educated. They offer classes to help get your own garden or farm started. They even have a hotline for any questions. They provide education, funding, conferences, and advocacy for farming and agriculture in Washington state.

Through its many programs, the Tilth Alliance has created sustainable practices such as regenerative and productive farming, water conservation, and carbon storing. They provide grants to farmers to start their own sustainable practices. The Tilth Alliance works to end food inequity. They put together and hand out free food bags filled with organic, healthy fruits and vegetables. They support small farms and provide discounts to those that need them. The Tilth Alliance works towards environmental justice. They recognize that communities of color are disproportionately affected by environmental hazards. To aid in this cause, they plant in disadvantaged areas, restore infrastructure, and most importantly educate the public, especially youth.

The Tilth Alliance is extremely passionate about educating our youth. They have partnered with many other organizations to reach communities that could benefit from their work. They are so successful because of their thousands of volunteers who plant, shop, donate, and partner with them. The Tilth Alliance could teach one of their classes or put on one of their programs for students at your school.

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