Good Samaritan Society

Student Contributor -K. Lafser
Good Samaritan Senior Home provides care for seniors. They provide seniors with housing, health care, and rehabilitation services in Spokane Valley and in locations across the United States. Residents of Good Samaritan live on the property in either assisted living or independent living environments based on their specific needs. Good Samaritan also has special care units for residents who need specific memory care and respite care to support primary caregivers.

Because Good Samaritan provides a variety of living options for residents, seniors living on the property receive unique care that is tailored to them. As seniors get older, their needs may change. Good Samaritan provides seniors with the resources and care they need for quality of life, and even provides rehabilitation services like physical, occupational, and speech therapy for seniors who may be recovering from an accident or illness. Partnering with Good Samaritan in Spokane Valley will further the positive impact on residents and allow students to lend a hand in creating a positive living experience for the residents at Good Samaritan.

One way that teachers and students can partner with Good Samaritan is by having students create greeting cards and drop them off at the Spokane Valley location. Another possible way to partner with Good Samaritan is by having students create holiday cards or projects for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. to give to residents of the senior home. Student work will brighten residents’ days and allow students to give back to the residents who may not be able to interact with their community as often as they would like.

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