Bags to Beds

Student Contributor -M.Fay
The non-profit organization uses the plarn individuals and volunteers donate and make to knit bedding for the homeless. Plarn is repurposing plastic bags into yarn. The plarn bedding is waterproof and warm for the homeless facing the harsh weather conditions outside

The organization makes an impactful difference by using a simple item such as a plastic bag. The plastic bag is viewed negatively in society and Bags to Beds has changed the mindset of the plastic bag into a positive one. Bags to Beds uses plarn created by anyone willing to donate or volunteer through the organization to knit the plarn into bedding to the homeless. The organization was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2017 by an undergraduate at the University of Utah. The organization has slowly grown to other states such as Florida and Las Vegas and even globally to Pakistan, United Kingdom and Canada. Since there has been 200,000 plastic bags that have been repurposed. The organization walks anyone through step by step how to repurpose the plastic bag and make plarn.

Teachers and students can partner with this organization to make a difference in the community’s life and their students’ lives. The organization allows students to get a hands-on experience, making plarn to use and repurpose into the bedding. Students can firsthand see how their civic engagement can impact the community. Teachers can have students make the plarn in class, then reach out to the organization to have the plarn be donated. My fifth-grade students enjoyed the hands-on and creative experience with an everyday item that can be turned into something useful and helpful to someone else. Students can even use what they applied in class to make plarn at home to continue to donate to the organization Bags to Beds.

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